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Planning the location of facilities in the supply chain using the firefly meta-innovation algorithm

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Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
Special issue: “Recent advances on supply chain network design”


Analysis of supply chain location issues and decision-making regarding the location of facilities in the supply chain is one of the most important issues in the decision-making of governments, organizations and companies. Undoubtedly, the correct location of facilities has very important effects on economic benefits, providing appropriate services and customer satisfaction. Supply chain issue is one of the most widely used issues in today’s competitive world and location issues are among the most used issues in designing supply chain networks to improve and reduce costs and increase competitiveness. The facilities under consideration include warehouses and distribution centers, which have been solved with the aim of reducing transportation costs. And then the two methods are compared. The problem is solved in small, medium and large dimensions and finally it was concluded that the firefly algorithm had a better performance than the genetic algorithm.

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