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Glucose deprivation affects the expression of genes encoding cAMP-activated protein kinase and related proteins in U87 glioma cells in ERN1 dependent manner



Objective. The aim of this investigation was to study the expression of genes encoding cAMP-activated protein kinase catalytic and regulatory A subunits (PRKACA and PRKAR1A) and related proteins such as cAMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitors A and G (PKIA and PKIG), catalytic subunit A of protein phosphatase 3 (PPP3CA), A-kinase anchoring protein 12 (AKAP12), and praja ring finger ubiquitin ligase 2 (PJA2) in U87 glioma cells in response to glucose deprivation in both control U87 glioma cells and cells with ERN1 (endoplasmic reticulum to nucleus signaling 1) knockdown, the major pathway of the endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling, for evaluation of possible significance of glucose deprivation in ERN1 dependent regulation of glioma growth.

Methods. The expression level of PRKA related genes was studied in control (transfected by vector) and ERN1 knockdown U87 glioma cells under glucose deprivation by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction.

Results. It was shown that the expression level of PRKACA and PKIA genes was down-regulated in control glioma cells treated by glucose deprivation, but PJA2 gene was up-regulated. At the same time, the expression of four other genes (PRKAR1A, PKIG, AKAP12, and PPP3CA) was resistant to this experimental condition. Furthermore, ERN1 knockdown of glioma cells significantly modified the effect glucose deprivation on the expression almost all studied genes. Thus, treatment of glioma cells with inhibited ERN1 enzymatic activity by glucose deprivation lead to a more significant down-regulation of the expression level of PKIA and to suppression PRKAR1A gene expressions. Moreover, the ERN1 knockdown introduced up-regulation of PKIG and AKAP12 gene expressions in glioma cells treated by glucose deprivation and eliminated the sensitivity of PJA2 gene to this experimental condition.

Conclusions. Results of this investigation demonstrated that ERN1 knockdown significantly modified the sensitivity of most studied PRKA related gene expressions to glucose deprivation and that these changes are a result of complex interactions of variable endoplasmic reticulum stress related and unrelated regulatory factors and contributed to the suppression of glioma cell proliferation and their possibly chemoresistance.

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