The article mainly aims to try and create a new concept for developing logistics and supply chains in the era of Industry 4.0. Analyses of development trends in logistics and production management were used to create the new logistics and supply chain concept. Conclusions were used from the analyses of how the modern concepts of Industry 4.0, Logistics 4.0, Supply Chain 4.0, and 5.0 work. Analyses of the benefits of applying modern management concepts in these areas were carried out and criticised because of their inadequacies, which became apparent during the recent crises in the world. Although the sources of the crises were different, they could be eliminated by reconfiguring logistics systems and supply chains. The results aim to answer three questions: (1) Has the time come to change the current way of looking at logistics and supply chains? (2) What could Supply Chain 4.0 look like using Industry 4.0 tools? (3) How should Supply Chain 4.0 address the logistics and supply chain challenges? The presented answers do not exhaust the topic but rather open up a discussion on logistics and supply chains of the future. The presented concept allows for a completely new global and local view of logistics chains. The structure of the presented model can be subjected to scenario analysis using agent-based simulation modelling due to the structure’s emergent nature. The new approach can significantly benefit the development of local production centres and global supply networks. The benefits mainly come from reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and logistics processes from the moment the new product idea is conceived.