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High School Teachers’ Work Motivation: A Mixed Research Method

   | 09 feb 2024


This study aims to reveal the work motivation of high school teachers and was carried out with an explanatory sequential design, which is one of the mixed research methods. There were 284 participants in the quantitative stage and 15 participants in the qualitative stage of the study. At the quantitative stage, a work motivation scale was used, while in the qualitative part, an interview form consisting of 4 questions was used. As independent variables, gender, branch, professional experience and education level were used. As a result of the analysis, high school teachers’ work motivation levels do not significantly differ in terms of educational level and professional experience but significantly differ in terms of gender and branch. The mean score of high school teachers’ team cohesion, job integration, commitment to the institution and personal development level are found high. The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) value of the work motivation scale used in the quantitative part of the study was found as .892 and the Bartlett Test as 1490.185. As a result of analysis teachers’ work motivations rise with peace, efficiency, academic success, balanced relationships, love of the job, communication, organizational belonging, organizational management, organizational culture, in-service training, self-confidence, research and experience.

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