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Convex Least Angle Regression Based LASSO Feature Selection and Swish Activation Function Model for Startup Survival Rate



A startup is a recently established business venture led by entrepreneurs, to create and offer new products or services. The discovery of promising startups is a challenging task for creditors, policymakers, and investors. Therefore, the startup survival rate prediction is required to be developed for the success/failure of startup companies. In this paper, the feature selection using the Convex Least Angle Regression Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (CLAR-LASSO) is proposed to improve the classification of startup survival rate prediction. The Swish Activation Function based Long Short-Term Memory (SAFLSTM) is developed for classifying the survival rate of startups. Further, the Local Interpretable Model-agnostic Explanations (LIME) model interprets the predicted classification to the user. Existing research such as Hyper Parameter Tuning (HPT)-Logistic regression, HPT-Support Vector Machine (SVM), HPT-XGBoost, and SAFLSTM are used to compare the CLAR-LASSO. The accuracy of the CLAR-LASSO is 95.67% which is high when compared to the HPT-Logistic regression, HPT-SVM, HPT-XGBoost, and SAFLSTM.

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