Cloud computing is a model where software applications and computing resources are accessed over Internet with minimal cost and effort by interacting with the service provider. Along with these benefits there are also some significant security concerns that need to be addressed for handling sensitive data and critical applications.

The simultaneous use of multiple clouds can provide several potential benefits, such as high availability, fault tolerance and reduced infrastructural cost. The model proposed which is the implementation of a secured multi-cloud virtual infrastructure consists of a grid engine on top of the multi-cloud infrastructure to distribute the task among the worker nodes that are supplied with various resources from different clouds to enhance cost efficiency of the infrastructure set up and also to implement high availability feature. The Oracle grid engine is used to schedule the jobs to the worker nodes (in-house and cloud). Worker nodes will be acting like listeners to receive the job from the oracle grid engine master node. High security is provided at this point for data using AES algorithm and also a password protection key for privileged user’s access. Performance analysis, cost analysis and cost-performance ratio analysis are done by comparing different cluster configurations.

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