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Taxation and Humans in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Financial and Ethical Comments



In our study, we focused on the fourth industrial revolution, which is the revolution of machines at the same time and which affects the world of worthy human work significantly. Let us examine the reasons behind the machine wrecking in the modern era and the technophobia, the negative and positive outcomes of additional spare time, and the state of unemployment. We touch upon the historical antecedents of modern machine wrecking and its present situation. We briefly draw possible alternatives as regards the subthemes. In this study, ethics is ascribed a focal attention since we approach the trends that affect the world of work and have an economic significance in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. We examine the process of Industry 4.0, which has led to a significant transformation of production processes from the aspect of taxation – for example, how the automation of the production processes influences the transformation of the tax system, where humanity is in the changing financial world, or which aspects of the tax system change in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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