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Cavitation Erosion and Sliding Wear of MCrAlY and NiCrMo Coatings Deposited by HVOF Thermal Spraying



The investigation into wear resistance is an up-to-date problem from the point of view of both scientific and engineering practice. In this study, HVOF coatings such as MCrAlY (CoNiCrAlY and NiCoCrAlY) and NiCrMo were deposited on AISI 310 (X15CrNi25-20) stainless steel substrates. The microstructural properties and surface morphology of the as-sprayed coatings were examined. Cavitation erosion tests were conducted using the vibratory method in accordance with the ASTM G32 standard. Sliding wear was examined with the use of a ball-on-disc tribometer, and friction coefficients were measured. The sliding and cavitation wear mechanisms were identified with the SEM-EDS method. In comparison to the NiCrMo coating, the MCrAlY coatings have lower wear resistance. The cavitation erosion resistance of the as-sprayed M(Co,Ni)CrAlY coatings is almost two times lower than that of the as-sprayed NiCrMoFeCo deposit. Moreover, the sliding wear resistance increases with increasing the nickel content as follows: CoNiCrAlY < NiCoCrAlY < NiCrMoFeCo. The mean friction coefficient of CoNiCrAlY coating equals of 0.873, which almost 50% exceed those reported for coating NiCrMoFeCo of 0.573. The as-sprayed NiCrMoFeCo coating presents superior sliding wear and cavitation erosion resistance to the as-sprayed MCrAlY (CoNiCrAlY and NiCoCrAlY) coatings.

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