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Measurement of Force Components and Ra Surface Roughness Parameter During Grinding Titanium Alloy

   | 23 ott 2014


The paper deals with the measurements of selected parameters during grinding process of aerospace industry alloy. Grinding is one of the most important methods of shaping machine elements. As a result of grinding with high dimensional and shape accuracy as well as with the expected parameters describing the state of the surface layer (SL) should be obtained. Grinding difficult to machine materials used in the aerospace industry is an issue currently being examined by various research centres. An excellent example is the analysis of the grinding process of titanium alloys, as these materials have very poor machinability due to the tendency to adherence to abrasive materials, low thermal conductivity, high strength and compliance at elevated temperatures, which may adversely impact on the quality of SL. A number of factors influence on shaping SL. Worth mentioning are mechanical and thermal phenomena, as well as the type of cutting fluid and abrasive materials

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