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About Visionaries – Precursors of Contemporary Landscape Architecture: USA, England and Poland

   | 12 mar 2022


This article describes life and achievements of three creators – people of action: the American Frederick Law Olmsted, the Englishman Ebenezer Howard and the Pole Henryk Jordan. They are people who created and implemented their works in the second half of the 19th century. Their fates seemingly so distant and different from each other, are, however, extremely convergent. My intention is to present the profiles and achievements of three visionaries who created their greatest works in the second half of the 19th century, constituting the foundation for contemporary landscape architecture. By developing new ideas and models of objects and realising their goal, they were genius self-taught people, contributing to the development of modern landscape architecture. In this study, I would like to emphasize the commonality of their fates and interests, and take a look through the profiles of the heroes of the period when modern landscape architecture was born. It is also my intention to highlight the significance of Henryk Jordan and restore him to his proper place in the history of Polish landscape architecture.

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