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Interdisciplinary Risk Analysis of Construction Investment and Property Value in the Areas with Mining Impact



The scientific objective of this issue is to estimate the number and the significance of variables defined for particular functions, describing the nature, scope and type of impacts on buildings located in mining areas in terms of the technical condition of civil structures and costs of their possible protection and repair or modernisation. This publication analyses a problem of risk response as separate stages of a risk management process in investment projects being carried out in construction industry in the areas with mining impact. Specified and diagnosed variables are analysed in a selected respect, with particular emphasis on the assessment of the ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state of the tested civil structures. The prognostic knowledge of the process of protecting or repairing buildings on an active subsoil, within the assumed time range of the design use of the civil structures and the predicted mining impacts, is essential in an analysis of the form and scope of responses of the structures to adverse impacts and when estimating the cost of building interaction with the subsoil through the entire life cycle of the structure. The subject matter is interdisciplinary, covering both subjects in the field of engineering, as well as stochastic processes, econometrics and reliability of output data predicting the operational impact of mines in analysed urban areas.

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