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Description of Heterodera microulae sp. n. (Nematoda: Heteroderinae) from China – a new cyst nematode in the Goettingiana group



A new cyst-forming nematode, Heterodera microulae sp. n., was isolated from the roots and rhizosphere soil of Microula sikkimensis in China. Morphologically, the new species is characterized by lemon-shaped body with an extruded neck and obtuse vulval cone. The vulval cone of the new species appeared to be ambifenestrate without bullae and a weak underbridge. The second-stage juveniles have a longer body length with four lateral lines, strong stylets with rounded and flat stylet knobs, tail with a comparatively longer hyaline area, and a sharp terminus. The phylogenetic analyses based on ITS-rDNA, D2-D3 of 28S rDNA, and COI sequences revealed that the new species formed a separate clade from other Heterodera species in Goettingiana group, which further support the unique status of H. microulae sp. n. Therefore, it is described herein as a new species of genus Heterodera; additionally, the present study provided the first record of Goettingiana group in Gansu Province, China.

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