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A misdiagnosed case of cancer leading to delayed HIV diagnosis and B-cell lymphoma: a lesson on the importance of timely HIV testing



Introduction: This case report describes a serious complication of delayed human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) diagnosis in a patient initially misdiagnosed with palliative-stage cancer and subsequently diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma. This situation highlights the diagnostic challenges and treatment implications following HIV diagnosis, and underscores the critical importance of accurate and timely HIV detection in oncology patients.

Case presentation: A 39-year-old man was initially diagnosed with lung cancer based on computed tomography and histopathologic findings. He was treated with 2 lines of chemotherapy over an 8-month period, the neoplastic lung lesions progressed, and he was referred to palliative care. Two years after his initial diagnosis, during the management of an actively bleeding gastric tumor, he was diagnosed with HIV and referred to an infectious disease unit. Immediate antiretroviral treatment was initiated after diagnosis, and further evaluation confirmed the presence of B-cell lymphoma. A retrospective review suggested that the initial cancer diagnosis was likely misinterpreted and was in fact lymphoma, a malignancy commonly associated with HIV. Lymphoma treatment was initiated, and after 1 year, the patient achieved HIV-1 virologic suppression and near-complete remission of all lesions.

Conclusions: This case highlights the consequences of delayed HIV diagnosis, which can significantly alter treatment course and patient prognosis. The initial misdiagnosis of cancer and subsequent ineffective treatment highlights the importance of HIV testing, particularly in patients presenting with malignancy. It also highlights the role of multidisciplinary collaboration, the need for prompt initiation of antiretroviral therapy, and the efficacy of targeted anticancer therapies for HIV-associated malignancies.

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