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Outcomes of surgery for glomus tumours in the hand



Glomus tumours are rare, benign lesions of vascular origin. In the hand, they frequently localize in the distal phalanges and under the nail plate. Most tumours are symptomatic with characteristic features such as spontaneous pain at the end of the digit exacerbated at exposure to the cold, and trigger point tenderness. This study presents results of the operative treatment of 18 patients, 12 women and 6 men, at a mean age of 38 years with glomus tumours in the hand. Most of them (n = 16) were localized in the distal phalanges, 8 of which were subungual. The follow-up assessment was performed in the form of a phone interview at a mean of 4.2 years following surgery. All patients declared pain relief almost immediately after the tumour’s resection. Problems reported by the patients at the follow-up were inaesthetic scars, occasional pain in the operated digit at weather changes, and mild tenderness at the operation site. Three cases of recurrence were noted. These results show that operative treatment of glomus tumours is effective, provides fast relief of troublesome symptoms and is associated with a moderate risk of recurrence.

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