Introduction: Bipolar disorder is a mental illness in which patients often display a significantly disturbed mood and behaviour. Symptoms of mania (one pole of the disease) include a euphoric mood, racing thoughts and agitation, while symptoms of depression (the other pole of the disease) include a depressed mood, reluctant attitude, and impaired thinking or even suicidal thoughts. Therefore, a patient with bipolar disorder is a special challenge for the medical staff in the psychiatric ward.

Materials and methods: The study presents a theoretical background for the problems associated with bipolar disorder and the biggest challenges facing the care team. The work has been supplemented with a case study of a patient along with a nursing care program which was proposed and then implemented.

Results: Implementing the proposed care program by medical care personnel positively influenced the symptoms of bipolar disorder in the presented case.

Conclusions: Throughout the nursing process, it is worth determining the nature of the problems that accompany the patient’s disorder, as well as designing an action plan for working on them and any ongoing changes in behaviour and emotions.

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