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Reconstruction of a large-sized defect in the upper abdominal wall with a porcine small intestinal submucosa biodegradable membrane in a newborn with Poland syndrome



Severe cases of gastroschisis require advanced and multi-staged surgical techniques to cover the abdominal wall defect enabling a secure covering of the eventrated organs. A biodegradable porcine small intestinal submucosa membrane is an attractive material that demonstrates the benefits of bioabsorbable materials. It has been used in children. There are only a few reports of severe gastroschisis treatment with this material. The aim of this work is to present a rare case of a giant upper abdominal wall defect in a newborn with Poland syndrome, treated surgically with a biodegradable membrane. The treatment protected the child from infection and enabled satisfactory healing. The use of the described material was adjusted to the severe general condition of the patient. The biodegradable porcine small intestinal submucosa membrane is a safe material to cover a large-sized abdominal defect in newborns.

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