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Cytogenetic and Molecular Genetic Characterization of Children with Short Stature / Citogenetska in Molekularno Genetska Opredelitev Nizke Rasti Pri Otrocih



Background. The deficiency of SHOX gene (short stature homeobox-containing gene) has been recognized as the most frequent monogenetic cause of short stature. SHOX gene has been associated with short stature in Turner syndrome and Leri Weill dyschondrosteosis as well with non-syndromic idiopathic short stature. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of SHOX deletions and mutations in a cohort of Slovenian children with short stature, and to delineate indications for routine SHOX gene mutation screening.

Methods and results. 40 selected subjects with idiopathic short stature were screened for entire SHOX gene deletion and for mutations in the SHOX gene coding region (exon 2 to 6), together with sequences flanking the exon-intron boundaries. FISH analysis on metaphase and interphase spreads revealed no entire gene deletion. Additionally, no pathogenic point mutations or smaller deletion/duplications were identified in this study group.

Conclusions. SHOX gene deletions and point mutations are not a common cause of idiopathic short stature in a cohort of Slovenian children with short stature. Therefore, the frequency of SHOX mutations must be much lower as expected based on the reported data.

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