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Professional and Transversal Competencies in the Accounting Field: Do Employers’ Expectations Fit Students’ Perceptions? Evidence from Western Romania



The changes that occur in the labour market due to the recent evolution registered in the field of accounting, led us to initiate a study in which we have as a purpose to analyse the perception that employers and students enrolled in the faculties for accounting from the Western part of our country have regarding the importance of the professional and transversal competencies when they get hired. The research tools used within this research are on the one side grounded on the quiz for data collection, and on the other side the ANOVA method for the analysis of the perception differences found in these two groups discussed upon. The results found in this work represent in the opinion of the authors an important reference mark for the university instruction of the young people who are about to enter the accounting profession, but also for the future employers who are about to interact with them.