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Effectivity of Piezoelectric Transition Elements in Modelling of Electro-Mechanical Systems



The paper presents the coupled electro-mechanical problem. In the numerical analysis of the issue, piezoelectric solid-to-shell transition elements were applied. They combine three-dimensional or hierarchical shell piezoelectric elements with piezoelectric first order elements. The mentioned first order of the element refers to the field of transversal displacements of an element. The mechanical field of the discussed piezoelectric elements may correspond to: the model of three-dimensional theory of elasticity, hierarchical shell models of higher orders or the first order shell model. The electrical field of the potential may be modelled with hierarchical dielectric first order models or higher in transverse direction or with a three-dimensional theory. Effectiveness of modification of algorithms of classical piezoelectric elements was assessed in this paper. To perform such an assessment, curves of convergence of hp method in model tasks are presented. Curves obtained with the use of classical and modified piezoelectric transition elements were set and compared.