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Impact of Print Speed on Strength of Samples Printed in FDM Technology



This paper presents research on the impact of printing speed on the strength of a manufactured object and is the next stage of the author's research on the impact of technological parameters of 3D printing on the strength of printed models. The tested universal specimens were printed using the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) method from PLA (polylactic acid, polylactide). The paper presents the maximum breaking force of the samples and the time of printing samples depending on the printing speed, which varied from 20 mm·s−1 to 100 mm·s−1. The research indicates that the strength of samples decreases with increasing speed. In the range of 50-80 mm·s−1, the strength of the specimens remined at a similar level, however, above 80 mm·s−1, it decreased significantly.