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Przewodnicy sudeccy jako moderatorzy dostawy kulturowych usług ekosystemowych w Karkonoskim Parku Narodowym

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Prace i Studia Geograficzne
Edited by Mikołaj Madurowicz, Marta Szczepańska
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The aim of the paper is to recognize how the service provided by the mountain guides moderates the delivery of cultural ecosystem services to tourists. The study carried out in the Karkonosze National Park included indepth interviews and participatory mapping. It has been shown that the work of mountain guides is crucial to the nature and extent of the flow of cultural ecosystem services that are provided to tourists during their tours. Guides in the KPN area mainly lead hiking groups, the aim of which is to climb Śnieżka walk through the Śnieżne Kotły glacial circusses or visit the Mały Staw with the shelter „Samotnia”. During the tours, there is a strong emphasis on visitor education, especially the explanation of geological and geomorphological phenomena that can be observed in the field.

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