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Caring for human resource development is an important issue in all directions, on a macro, micro, and individual level (Gulua, Ekaterine, 2013). This is the key pillar of effectiveness and progress (Gulua, Ekaterine, 2012), this is a resource that is responsible for rational development of all other resources. The level of human resource development is directly proportionate to the development of the organization, the country's development, and conversely the more developed a country, an organization is, the more appreciated are the people - the main factor of its success (Gulua, Ekaterine;, 2014). The developed countries differ from developing ones by the attitude towards a person, his/her potential. Therefore, organizations need to take care of people in many ways: spiritual, physical, intellectual (basic, emotional, social), career development. Only in this case the organization gets dedicated, case-oriented, highly qualified employees. At the same time, the main moral responsibility for their managing power is simplifying development opportunities for the human being. (Gulua, Ekaterine;, 2011). One of the most interesting issues in human resource management is the management of human resource development. Consequently, it provides good opportunities for scientific research. The main purpose of the functioning of human potential management laboratory is the actualization of these issues at all levels in Georgia. The present work is dedicated to studying employed students’ challenges in Georgia. The issue of employed students’s development is complex and depends on many issues such as: country development level, level of students’ consciousness and their material status, development level of higher education institutions, employers' organizational policies, etc. The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the attitude of the organizations towards the employed students-colleagues.

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