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Professional Activation of Women and Flexible Forms of Employment, as Exemplified by Gig Economy

   | 16 sept. 2023
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The aim of the article is to present the idea of Gig Economy as a flexible form of employment, which may serve as an opportunity to break the cycle of professional passivity among women in a macroeconomic scale. The author presents data on unemployment and access to employees on the labor market, and compares them with a relatively low level of professional activity among women. The article explores the issue of motivation to undertake professional activity, discusses the barriers to building a professional path by women, and indicates the potential influence of flexible forms of employment, based on the example of gig economy, on the improvement of the professional situation of women. Based on the available reports, secondary data and source literature the author identifies the basic social factors which impact the growth of professional activity among women, indicating the relationship between flexible forms of employment and the state of the labor market, expressed through the activeness of women.