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Non-invasive Studies on Age Related Parameters Using a Blood Volume Pulse Sensor

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A non-invasive technique is implemented to measure a parameter which is closely related to the distensibility of large arteries, using the second derivative of the infrared photoplethysmographic waveform. Thirty subjects within the age group of 20-61 years were involved in this pilot study. Two new parameters, namely the area of the photoplethysmographic waveform under the systolic peak, and the ratio of the time delay between the systolic and the diastolic peaks and the time period of the waveform (ΔT/T) were studied as a function of age. It was found that while the parameter which is supposed to be a marker of distensibility of large arteries and ΔT /T values correlate negatively with age, the area under the systolic peak correlates positively with age. The results suggest that the derived parameters could provide a simple, non-invasive means for studying the changes in the elastic properties of the vascular system as a function of age.

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