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Application of the side stream from the cyklopol process in paint stripping formulations

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The utilization of two side streams from the Cyklopol process was studied. The first one is the monohydric alcohols fraction and the second one is the fraction of mono-carboxylic acids. We propose to utilize these fractions and their esters as a component of gel formulation painting remover. Our composites have a gel formulation suitable for easy application on a vertical surface. D-DBS (1,3:2,4-Di-O-benzylidene-Dsorbitol) or MHPC (methylhydroxypropylcellulose) were used as gelling agents for organic liquids. The D-DBS compound is characterized by transparency and reduced yellowing of composition. The properties of the obtained preparations were compared to the properties of commercially available gel formulations SCANSOL and STRIPER. Our initial investigations indicate that side streams from the Cyklopol process are good and cheap resources of raw materials for the preparation of paint stripping formulations.

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