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The influence of mercury content on the structural changes of bioindicator surfaces

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This work examines the recommended chemical analytical method for the identification and detecting mercury from the environmental media. The aim of this study was to establish a correlation between mercury content in different biological indicators like: human hair, mushrooms, lichen, moss and needle samples, and the changes in the structure of the investigated material. We have explored the possibilities of using the SEM method in environmental studies to investigate a variety of biological samples coming from areas at different pollution state. We have combined the information from the quantity measurements with the qualitative analysis. The total content of Hg was determined using the Automatic Mercury Analyzer SP-3D. The accuracy of the applied method was verified by an analysis of proper certificate materials: Mixed Polish Herbs INCT-MPH-2, Lichen CRM 482, Pine needles 1575a and Human Hair NCS ZC 81002. The obtained results proved a direct influence of the content of mercury and environmental pollution on the damage of the structure of the studied samples.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering