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The influence of ozonation on the activated carbon adsorption of phenol and humic acid

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To study the influence of ozonation on the activated carbon adsorption, a model solution containing approximately 8 mg/dm3 of humic acid and approximately 1 mg/dm3 of phenol has been ozonated, and then adsorption kintetics and adsorption isotherm experiments have been performed. The applied ozone doses ranged from 1 to 3 mg O3/dm3, and a contact time was 1 min. In the adsorption experiments, the commercial activated carbon CWZ-30 (Gryfskand Sp. z o.o., Hajnówka, Poland) has been used. Phenol adsorption under equilibrium conditions was determined by the Freundlich isotherm equation, and the modified Freudlich isotherm equation has been employed for the determination of humic acid equilibrium adsorption. The applied oxidation conditions resulted in color, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total organic carbon (TOC) and UV254 absorbance removal, by 4 - 13%, 3 - 6%, 3 - 7%, respectively. After ozonation, phenol concentration decreased by 6 - 23%. These changes in the model solution did not affect the humic acid adsorption, however, they deteriorated phenol adsorption.

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