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In alpine skiing, physical training can start at an early age, from 4 to 6 years old, an age that can play an important role in the further development of future athletes. Specific movements of physical exercise, such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, climbing, swimming, dancing, skiing, etc., can be performed by preschoolers without excessive physical stress, developing their skills and gradually preparing them for performance. This stage of childhood offers the best opportunities for acquiring new motor skills. The scientific approach started from the finding that, although the ski training of children is possible and recommended at preschool age, however, following the analysis of the literature, a lack of teaching methodology for this age group can be found, both at the national and international level.


The paper aims to propose an educational model specific to this age group, which can be used in teaching the discipline of alpine skiing, in sports clubs and associations or instructor associations.


The study is based on the modeling method, applied to the physical training activity, also considering the psychomotor features specific to the preschool child. The proposed methodology contains tests and testing standards aiming the general physical training of the children.


The objectives pursued by applying this model consist in forming or developing both general and specific motor qualities, as well as educating the coordinative capacities. By applying this instructive-educational model in the physical training of preschooler children, an increase of their sports performance was demonstrated, which is verified by the results obtained at national competitions, intended for the specific categories of their age.


The model of the alpine skier for this age must consider the particularities specific to the age, and the learning methods must be adequate, rational and flexible, to ensure an easy learning, assimilable to playing activities.

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