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The article proposes a method of deciding on the continuation or termination of the UAV flight on the basis of fuzzy logic to ensure its trouble-free flight, which will be used in the future to build an onboard monitoring system of the power supply of the unmanned aerial vehicle. The developed method of decision-making allows to determine the residual battery life on the basis of data on current voltage, battery temperature, temperature on board the UAV and the direction and strength of the wind, using which the computer system will make recommendations for continuing or terminating the UAV flight task. The method of decision-making using fuzzy logic involves the formation of linguistic variables, which are the input information parameters and the output decision, their linguistic terms and membership functions, as well as a system of rules for decision-making. The voltage at the output of the battery, its surface temperature and the wind direction on board the UAV were used as input variables, and the residual battery life was used as the output linguistic variable.

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