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Regulation of Telescopic Water Intake Operations

   | 13 oct. 2022
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Telescopic water intake structures play an important role in a water management system. The article is devoted to the improvement of telescopic water intake structures and the development of a solution for regulating their operation. Different types of water intakes are analyzed, and their shortcomings are identified. The structures of known telescopic water intakes are reviewed, and their operating principles are analyzed. It has been determined that the design of existing telescopic water intake structures lacks a device for stopping the operation of the intake of water. A structural solution for stopping and regulating the operation of a telescopic water intake is proposed. The construction of an additional ballast pontoon to be welded to the first section of the telescopic pipeline is proposed in order to regulate and stop the operation of the water intake. A methodology for calculating and designing an additional ballast pontoon for a telescopic water intake has been developed, and a specific example for its implementation has been provided. Based on the results of the research, the main parameters of the additional ballast pontoon structure have been established, and the methodology for its calculations has been developed.

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