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Deficient or deteriorating reinforced-concrete columns in many existing structures have to be strengthened using economical, efficient, and fast methods. In the present study, different strengthening techniques to improve the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete (RC) columns have been compared. Five groups of fifteen square reinforced concrete columns (150 mm × 150 mm × 600 mm) and one group of three circular columns ( φ 170 mm) that have cross-sectional areas equivalent to those of the square columns were cast from normal-strength concrete. The test program was designed to examine the behavior of columns strengthened by carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), steel jacketing, ferro cement, steel fibers, and silica fumes under cyclic axial compression. The efficiency of each strengthening method in increasing the column’s axial capacity, energy absorption, and ductility was studied using the experimental data. The test results showed that strengthening the columns could significantly enhance their load-carrying capacity and failure strains.

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