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Performance Testing of Web Map Services tn three Dimensions – X, Y, Scale

   | 13 avr. 2013
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The paper deals with the performance testing of web mapping services. The paper describes map service tests in which it is possible to determine the performance characteristics of a map service, depending on the location and scale of the map. The implementation of the test is tailored to the Web Map Service specifications provided by the Open Geospatial Consortium. The practical experiment consists of testing the map composition acquired from OpenStreetMap data for the area of southwestern Slovakia. These tests permit checking the performance of services in different positions, verifying the configuration of services, the composition of a map, and the visualization of geodata.

The task of this paper is to also highlight the fact that it is not sufficient to only interpret a map service performance with conventional indicators. A map service’s performance should be linked to information about the map’s scale and location.

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