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Interplays Between Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability in Business / Management. A Bibliometric Analysis

   | 20 sept. 2023
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The paper aims to identify the main research (threads and) trends and evaluate the relationships between (and the impact of) the publications/articles investigating the interplays between artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability against a business or management related context. To reach this objective, 863 articles from Web of Science Core Collection were analyzed, using VOSviewer as a bibliometric tool. Performance analysis was employed to mainly explore the interest and popularity of the topic, assess the main interest areas and fields of both the sources and the publications, determine the most relevant SDGs for the topic, and identify the most popular journals hosting articles in the analyzed field. Science mapping was carried out to identify the most influential articles in the field, understand the antecedent topics/ideas (in the fields of AI and sustainability, respectively) contributing to the emergence of a new interest area at the intersection between AI and sustainability, appraise the current developments in the analyzed interest area, and discover new trends / areas for future research.