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Investigation of Metal-based Composites Vibration Properties Using Modal Analysis in Combination with Wavelet Transforms Under Imitation of Operational Loads

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The present article is dedicated to the study of the vibration properties of metal-based composite materials and the application of the non-destructive testing method. The main modal parameters of the metal-based composites were investigated. For experimental determination of natural frequencies and modes of oscillations, the method of scanning laser Doppler vibrometry was used. For the numerical modal analysis, the finite element method was used. The material model was a layered composite with isotropic linearly elastic layers and metal layers. The task of identifying the material model was considered as the problem of minimising the discrepancy between the calculated natural frequencies and the experimental ones. The developed method can be recommended for the determination of parameters of material models for calculating the modal characteristics of polymer–metal sandwich sheets and metallic mono-materials composite products. Methodology for identifying models of elastic behaviour of polymer–metal composite materials, based on the results of the experimental modal analysis, is presented. Wavelet-based damage detection is also presented as an appropriate approach for the identification of integral conditions of the metal–polymer–metal composite materials. Results of wavelet transform convolutions are presented.