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Plasmacytoma is a rare, non-epithelial, malignant tumor, affecting soft or bony tissues, which can have a unique location (solitary or extramedullary solitary plasmacytoma), or multiple (multiple myeloma). In the ENT sphere, it is most commonly encountered in its extramedullary form, which develops in the region of the head and neck, at the level of the submucosa. Most commonly, it affects the elderly, who have cardinal symptoms such as unilateral nasal obstruction, nasal or facial swelling, tissue necrosis or mucosal ulcerations, perforation of the nasal septum with dysmorphia of the nasal pyramid, recurrent unilateral epistaxis. Radiotherapy is the treatment of choice for extramedullary plasmacytoma. The prognosis is a reserved one, the risk of recurrence or conversion to multiple myeloma also existing 15 years after treatment.