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The Influence of Technological PVD Process Parameters on the Topography, Crystal and Molecular Structure of Nanocomposite Films Containing Palladium Nanograins

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The paper describes the preparation and characteristics of films composed of Pd nanograins placed in carbonaceous matrix. Films were obtained in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process from two sources containing: the first one - fullerene powder and the second one - palladium acetate. The topographical, morphological and structural changes due to different parameters of PVD process were studied with the use of Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy, whereas the structure was studied with the application of the Transmission Electron Microscopy and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy methods. It was shown that topographical changes are connected with the decomposition ratio of Pd acetate as well as the form of carbonaceous matrix formed due to this decomposition. Palladium nanograins found in all films exhibit the fcc structure type and their diameter changes from 2 nm to 40 nm depending on the PVD process parameters.

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