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A Coordination Control between Battery and Supercapacitor Energy Storage Systems to Segregate Power for On-Grid Application

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The present work describes a control methodology for a hybrid energy storage system (HESS) to improve its transient performance under dynamic load conditions. The proposed coordination control enhanced life cycle performance by segregating the power between battery energy storage systems (BESS) and a supercapacitor (SC). The BESS and SC are connected parallel to each other, and two individual DC–DC bidirectional converters connect them to a common DC bus. The coordination control is established between the controllers of BESS and the SC of HESS, which helps to utilise the usable energy capacity of the HESS. The charging/discharging current of the BESS is controlled within the allowable safety range based on the slope and magnitude of the BESS current. The high-frequency power component is handled by the SC, which helps to reduce the extra exhaustion on the BESS during operation with a higher current. The proposed coordination control of HESS is validated through simulation and the results show the effectiveness of the proposed controller.