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Characterization of Surface Micro-Roughness by Off-Specular Measurements of Polarized Optical Scattering

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The characterization of surface micro-roughness is investigated by using off-specular measurements of polarized optical scattering. In the measurement system, the detection angles of optical scattering are defined by the vertical and level scattering angles. The rotating mechanism of angles is controlled by stepper motors. Waveplate and polarizer are used to adjust light polarization and detection. We conduct the optical scattering measurements by using four standard metal sheets of surface roughness. The nominal values (Ra) of standard micro-roughness are 1.6 μm, 0.8 μm, 0.4 μm, and 0.1 μm, respectively. Samples with different surface roughness are evaluated with the utilization of laser sources at three incident wavelengths. These polarized images are analyzed using a computer program to obtain the distribution of light intensity. The results show great correlation between the metal surface roughness and polarization states. This measurement system can be used to quickly and accurately distinguish between different surfaces and properties.

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