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Gas–liquid Flow Pattern Recognition Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Entropy of Vortex-induced Pressure Fluctuation

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Here we report a novel flow-pattern map to distinguish the gas-liquid flow patterns in horizontal pipes at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. The map is constructed using the coordinate system of wavelet packet energy entropy versus total mass flow rate. The wavelet packet energy entropy is obtained from the coefficients of vortex-induced pressure fluctuation decomposed by the wavelet packet transform. A triangular bluff body perpendicular to the flow direction is employed to generate the pressure fluctuation. Experimental tests confirm the suitability of the wavelet packet energy entropy as an ideal indicator of the gas-liquid flow patterns. The overall identification rate of the map is 92.86%, which can satisfy most engineering applications. This method provides a simple, practical, and robust solution to the problem of gas-liquid flow pattern recognition.

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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing