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The Advertising Approach Differentiation of Indonesia’s Halal Toothpaste Products

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This study aims to understand how the Halal Toothpaste Products in Indonesia differentiate themselves from one another through Advertising. This study was conducted to provide strategic Advertising recommendations. The study used the framework of the Elaboration Likelihood Theory Model and the Advertising concepting approaches to analyze the applied techniques on the executed Advertising materials. This qualitative descriptive try to describe narratively and visually the TV Advertising material that was collected from the official YouTube account of each brand. Data were collected from relevant literature, documents, and online publications. The result of the study shows that all the Halal Toothpaste products utilized the central route and approaches whereas each of the product Advertising materials elaborates their respective product ingredients and their benefits. Each of the Advertising materials communicates Halal and its nuances both verbally and visually. The Halal label of the Toothpaste is mainly influenced by the ingredient within the product that is perceived to be correlated with the Islamic culture by the Indonesian consumers, Siwak. To create differentiation, each of the Advertising materials applied the combination of several Advertising concepting approaches. In practice, the result of the study can be a reference for Strategic Planners and Creative Professionals in Advertising Agencies on ‘What to Say’ and How to Say’ in the Halal Product Category. Academically, the study will be a reference for more research ideas in the future on Halal Advertising Strategy and Halal Product Campaign.