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Comparative analysis of soil nematode biodiversity from five different fruit orchards in Osmaneli district, Bilecik, Türkiye

   | 14 mars 2024
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Nematode population densities were determined in 60 soil and root samples collected from 6 fruit orchards in the Bilecik province (western Turkey), between April 2022 and June 2022. The total number of identified nematodes have reached up to 2418 individuals (number of female: 1036; male: 154; and juvenile: 1228). They belong to 54 species, 54 genera, 33 families and 11 orders. Plant parasitic nematodes that were detected mostly are listed as follows: Helicotylenchus (6,12 %), Pratylenchus (5,74 %), Paratylenchus (4.83 %), Xiphinema (3,06 %), Tylenchorhynchus (2,19 %), Malenchus (1.94 %) and Tylenchus (1.19 %). According to the maturity index analysis, mean values showed the highest maturity level at peach trees (MI value: 3,52), followed by; walnut trees (MI value: 2.49), cherry trees (MI value: 2.15), nectarine trees (MI value: 1.86), plum trees (MI value: 1.57), and olive trees (MI value: 1.42). Mostly the diverse group in terms of species richness was within the order Dorylaimida. The nematodes associated with peach and walnut trees here showed the most stable environments in terms of soil nematode community structure.

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