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Conceptual Commitments of AGI Systems: Editorial, Commentaries, and Response

| 25 avr. 2014
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Journal of Artificial General Intelligence
Conceptual Commitments of AGI Systems, Editors: Haris Dindo, James Marshall, and Giovanni Pezzulo
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Editorial: Conceptual Commitments of AGI Systems

Haris Dindo / James Marshall / Giovanni Pezzulo 23

General Problems of Unified Theories of Cognition, and Another Conceptual Commitment of LIDA

Benjamin Angerer / Stefan Schneider 26

LIDA, Committed to Consciousness

Antonio Chella 28

The Radical Interactionism Conceptual Commitment

Olivier L. Georgeon / David W. Aha 31

Commitments of the Soar Cognitive Architecture

John E. Laird 36

Conceptual Commitments of AGI Projects

Pei Wang 39

Will (dis)Embodied LIDA Agents be Socially Interactive?

Travis J. Wiltshire / Emilio J. C. Lobato / Florian G. Jentsch / Stephen M. Fiore 42

Author’s Response to Commentaries

Steve Strain / Stan Franklin 48

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Informatique, Intelligence artificielle