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Outcomes of Port A Catheter Implantations in Cancer Patients: Experience in 102 Cases

   | 16 avr. 2022
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This study evaluates cancer patients undergoing port catheter implantation.

Patients and methods

The study was conducted among patients admitted to the cardiovascular department of Düzce State Hospital from June 2018 to July 2020. The inclusion criterion was the implantation of a vascular port for at during 2 years. One hundred and two patients were enrolled in the study. The most common acute outcomes such as pneumothorax, haemothorax, thoracic duct damage and cardiac tamponade and the demographic characteristics of all patients were recorded. Patients were evaluated for the late complications of port catheter, such as thrombosis, infection and kinking, catheter fracture and occlusion.


Complications of port catheter occurred early (≤30 days) and delayed (>30 days) at rates of up to 8% and 15%, respectively. The most common early and late complications were pneumothorax and non-functional port (occlusion, thrombosis, kinking), respectively.


Thrombosis is the most common cause of dysfunction in central port catheters used in the treatment of cancer patients. Routine radiological imaging can help in early detection of catheter-related complications.

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