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The purpose of the research in this article is to investigate the main trends in the development of the different industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, to identify the main problems facing the different industries in the context of the global crisis, as well as to form the basic concepts necessary for a real recovery of the global industry. The authors identify the main problems facing the aviation industry in the developing world crisis and possible ways to solve them. As a working hypothesis, it is proposed to form the basic concepts necessary for preparing and implementing operational measures to restore passenger and cargo aviation. Considering the main threats facing the aviation industry during COVID-19, the article proposes the organizational and economic mechanisms to restore the industry. Furthermore, several recovery scenarios are considered, considering the relevant factors that have a particular impact. Next, a novel mathematical model for pharmaceutical products, which are the most important in COVID-19 pandemics, is proposed. Moreover, the model considers the uncertainty, and a robust optimization approach is applied. The study is based on a comprehensive analysis of documentary data provided by government agencies in several European countries. An analysis of global and Russian passenger traffic for Q1-Q4 (quartile) of 2020 and a development forecast for Q1-Q2 of 2021 is provided. The scenario problems facing the aviation industry in the context of the COVID-19 crisis are identified. There are key concepts necessary to prepare and implement effective measures to restore the aviation industry.

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