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Social Entrepreneurship Education in Primary School: Empowering Each Child with the YouthStart Entrepreneurial Challenges Programme

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This article provides an overview of challenge-based social entrepreneurship education in primary schools in Austria. The “YouthStart”-Programme “Empowering Each Child” is introduced as well as its impact on children. Research accompanying the programme shows that small challenges strengthen particularly the following skills and abilities of pupils: self-confidence and self-initiative, innovation, creativity, mindfulness, empathy, self-motivation and participation in society. Many of the challenges are based on the SDGs, so children are encouraged to learn to think and act in a sustainable way already at the beginning of their school career. The aim is to make young people aware of the fact that a change of people’s mindsets is needed worldwide, educating responsibly acting individuals, who do not only have their personal benefits in mind but also the needs of future generations.

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