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IP telephony have played an essential role during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown. One of the issues that lower the service level of the IP telephony solutions is the inefficient bandwidth exploitation. This paper proposes a Smallerize/Zeroize (SmlZr) method to enhance bandwidth exploitation. The SmlZr method is explicitly designed for the P2P IP telephony calls over IPv6 networks. The essence concept of the proposed method is to use the unnecessary fields in the header to keep the voice media of the packet. Doing so leads to smallerize or zeroize the packet payload and, thus, enhance the bandwidth exploitation. The SmlZr method has outperformed the RTP method for all the comparison parameters. For instance, the SmlZr method shrinks the bandwidth by 25% compared to the RTP protocol. Bandwidth saving is helpful for P2P IP telephony calls because it alleviates the traffic load. Thus, improve the call capacity boosts the call clarity.

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