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QoS Routing Algorithm Based on Entropy Granularity in the Network Transmission

 et    | 11 déc. 2019
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With the rapid development of computer networks, more hosts are connected to the Internet where they could communicate with each other. The need for network service has exceeded the service capacity of the network, and the Quality of Service (QoS) is gradually declining. Based on existing Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm, this paper proposes a new QoS required transmission path approach by considering the overhead balance of network resources. This paper uses the entropy granularity as the main line in the application of routing protocols. Firstly, it researches the optimization of routing algorithms for network load balancing resources, routing algorithms based on link traffic distributing weights, link weight optimization based on adaptive genetic algorithm and computational intelligence based on entropy granularity theory. This research proposes a method to apply entropy granularity to Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing, including the implementation of the method. After that, a case study is presented by using some examples.

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