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A Case Study of Question Answering in Automatic Tourism Service Packaging

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While Web Question Answering System (WQAS) has made great progress in Internet currently, a major limitation of the information sources that current WQASs are using is limited to static page texts. Content information that many users-are interested in, is provided dynamically to Web through programs. Web services are becoming the dominant forms of such sorts of programs. In this paper, a novel model is proposed to address the problem of natural language answering based Web services. The expansions of OWL-S are used to describe the services, and predicate tuples retrieved from questions are matched to the services by PROLOG reasoning. To plan the services, SHOP2 planner is introduced in our architecture, which adopts a semantic Web for content modeling, logic grammar for question parsing, and Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) for user query problem solving. A case study in e-Tourism domain is investigated, which implements dynamic packaging for tourism products.

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