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This paper focuses on modelling of the flexible loads of a residential area, based on a classification of eligible appliances. Thus, in order to use the photovoltaic energy with a higher efficiency, the methods of traditional load management are involved in residential sector in order to ensure an optimal balance between demanded load and photovoltaic generated power. The concept of Home Energy Management System is an action taken by the consumer and it is part of the concept for Demand Load Management. The most important thing in implementation of this algorithm is to perform a classification of the electrical appliances. Using the Matlab simulation, in this paper has been generated a consumption load profile based on a list of appliances specific to residential area. Based on generated load profile, in the paper has been extracted in several graphs, the power of the equipment that supports and does not support changes in the operating program. Previously, a classification of these appliances has been conducted, the most important aspect taken into account in their classification being the minimum impact on the user’s comfort.