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‘Land of Creation’: The Position, Brand Owners, and Contributors for Israel's Branding

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The modern and independent State of Israel celebrated the seventieth anniversary of its proclamation of independence in 2018. Besides this landmark anniversary, the remarkable development of Israel's image in the past decade was also a cause for celebration. Nowadays, many people around the world consider Israel as a start-up nation, the stronghold of innovation and risk capital, and the home of outstanding researchers and research organizations – or at least people have this association. In recent years, the ‘industry of peace’, tourism has also undergone significant expansion in the country. This has not always been the case in the past – the change is the result of conscious efforts, which is primarily attributed to the real successes of the economic structure and secondarily to controlled positioning and country branding activity. How could this positive country brand of a ‘start-up nation’ and the ‘land of creation and creativity’ be created? How can it be that many people consider Israel as a country with vibrant, colourful, rich metropolises, the cradle of innovative enterprises, millions of USD in capital investment and world-changing patents instead of a powder keg and the Arab–Israeli conflict?

The methodology to analyse the topic is based on an examination of relevant literature and in-depth interviews conducted by the authors in Israel, involving a synthesis of interviews with the important figures of the innovation ecosystem and organizations involved in country branding. The present article aims to describe the branding ecosystem of Israel, introduce its main actors and activities in order to pave the way for future in-depth research.